Sill‑Rite vs. Drywall and MDF

Drywall sills can breed mold.
Drywall sills plus moisture makes an ideal environment for mold growth. Sill‑Rite vinyl sills don't absorb moisture.

Neither drywall nor MDF were intended to protect against moisture. Made of organic materials, both drywall and MDF simply provide food for mold. Sill‑Rite sills are made entirely of vinyl—a non-organic material—that mold can't feed on. Also, when installed properly, Sill‑Rite sills prevent moisture from seeping into the walls.

Sill‑Rite sills are not only insurance against mold, they are attractive and durable. Made from cellular PVC, Sill‑Rite sills won't yellow, blister, flake, or peel. The surface is smooth and easy to clean. Plus, Sill‑Rite sills look great and give your homes a distinctive flair.

Drywall MDF Finger-Jointed Wood Sill‑Rite
Waterproof No No No YES
Mold-proof No No No YES
Durable No No No YES
Attractive No No No YES
Pre-finished on all exposed edges No No No YES*
No priming or painting No No No YES
Individually sized for each opening No No No YES
Easy to clean No No No YES
10-year limited warranty No No No YES

*Sill‑Rite Premium Sills have pre-finished edges on all three sides. Sill‑Rite Standard Sills are butt cut.

Attractive, Durable & Affordable

Available in two profiles.
Available in two profiles, Sill‑Rite sills are an affordable alternative to other durable materials.

Although, both solid surface materials and natural stone are very attractive and superior alternatives to drywall and MDF sills, they can be quite expensive. If you want it to look like a traditional sill, extending into the room with three finished edges, your costs are even higher.

Sill‑Rite vinyl sills are a cost-effective alternative to expensive solid surface and stone. Each sill is pre-finished and sized for standard window openings. The three exposed edges are finished* with one of two profiles. Installation is quick and easy—just four simple cuts with standard wood finishing tools. Sill-Rite sills are also durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.


Solid Surface Natural Stone Sill-Rite
Pre-Finished on all exposed edges $$$ $$$ YES*
Extends into room Sometimes Sometimes YES
Easy to Install No No YES
10-year limited warranty No No YES
Cost per window opening† $50-150 $50-150 $15-50

*Sill‑Rite Premium Sills have pre-finished edges on all three sides. Sill‑Rite Standard Sills are butt cut.

†Costs based on three-foot opening. Costs do not include labor costs for installation. Costs may vary depending on location and availability.