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New Sill‑Rite™ Pre-finished, Low Maintenance Vinyl Window Sills Available On-Line

Sill-Rite photo

ONTARIO, CALIF. – Homeowners interested in easy home improvement projects that have maximum benefits will appreciate new Sill‑Rite™ vinyl window sills. Each Sill‑Rite sill helps protect the window sill area from damage caused by moisture, condensation and leaks. Made of low-maintenance cellular PVC, the stylish sills are now available for consumers to order on-line at www.sill‑

Sill‑Rite window sills are completely prefabricated and finished, making it easy for homeowners to install. Sill prices start under $25 on-line and are priced based on size and style desired. The Sill‑Rite web site also provides directions for measuring the sill size needed and a step-by-step installation video.

The solid vinyl Sill‑Rite sill resists water, mold, stains and warping. Each sill is pre-finished on all exposed edges and requires no priming or painting. The white sills (which attractively wrap around the sides of the window instead of being butt cut) can be painted and are available in two profiles: classic, for an elegant traditional style, and streamline, for a contemporary style.

"Both drywall and MDF can be easily damaged by moisture when used as window sill material," says Karl Hatrak, president of Sill‑Rite. "Worse than that, these materials can breed mold. They’re simply not the best choice for a window sill material. Other choices, such as marble or solid surface sills, are extremely costly in terms of materials and labor.

"Sill‑Rite window sills are pre-finished and sized for standard window openings. The solid cellular PVC sills are cost-effective, install quickly and resist everything from insects to rot to water. Even better, the Sill‑Rite surfaces are attractive, easy to clean and require very little maintenance."

Closeup photo of Sill-Rite sill

Backed by a 25-year limited warranty, Sill‑Rite window sills are individually prefabricated to fit typical window openings. Sills are available in two depths (five and seven inches) to fit 2x4 and 2x6 constructed walls. The low maintenance window sills can be easily installed.

"Between the overall attractiveness of the sills, the installation time saved and the durability of the product, homeowners will discover that Sill‑Rite sills are an investment in their homes," says Hatrak.

Completely waterproof and made of non-organic materials, Sill‑Rite window sills are available nationwide via the company’s web site (www.sill‑ The site offers downloadable installation instructions, cross-section drawings and product information sheets. The site also includes an installation video, section on frequently asked questions, care and cleaning information, the latest company news and a photo gallery. For more information, call 1-800-503-2334.


PHOTOGRAPHY: For a selection of downloadable high-resolution images, go to www.sill‑